Almond nougat pistachio


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Almond nougat pistachio 150 gr

The nougat is a typical Christmas sweet, and you can find it in many different ways: hard, soft, very hard, with chocolate, etc...
The one that presents is a real delight for greedies.
During Christmas, you have to try a number of handicraft products on this platform, such as “panettone” with pistachio cream, pistachio cake, the sweet cream of pistachios, pesto and pistachio chocolate.

In other words, the pistachio and everything that revolves around it.
It is the best celebration of the year but also the most hardworking.

Around this celebration, revolve a whole range of products and culinary traditions, like nougats and pistachio crunches whose consumption increases during this occasion.
It is very hard to find pistachio sweets everywhere.

Therefore, those who love pistachio can find these special products at exceptional prices on at



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    Almond nougat pistachio

    Almond nougat pistachio


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