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    The "Pistacia vera "is the tree of the Anacardiaceae species, with height of around 3-4 meters.

    It can reach up to 5-8 meters, and to an average age of 300 years.

    Inside, the fruit made by the drupe, with an oval endocarp whose shell is hard and thin, with a seed inside, called "pistachio" of a bright green colour under a purple skin.

    The harvest is the most tiring part.

    This hard work takes place from late August to late September.

    The "Pistacia vera" bears fruit every two years.

    Therefore, it is possible to have a constant crop, very substantial in terms of quantity and quality

    The most suitable habit for the pistachio is in areas where the winter is very cool and the summers are hot and long.

    In the case of Italy, it grows almost exclusively in Sicily, in a very large area.

    The most famous town for the production of this typical fruit is sicily, a place located in the province of Catania, at the foot of the highest volcano in Europe: MOUNT ETNA.

    Sicily constitutes only 1.2% of the world productions of pistachio, but the quality of the fruit and the plant grown there are far superior to other plants and fruits of pistachios spread throughout the rest of the world.

    All of this occurs thanks to the volcanic area and its land, "the sciara" (volcanic material). In fact, the famous Green Pistachio from Sicily is used in confectionery, both shelled that peeled or chopped into flour, to prepare creams, ice creams and drinks.

    It is used in the production of cured meats and cheeses, or as seasoning for first and second courses.

    The pistachio also provides products used in Restaurants, bakeries and ice cream parlours in the form of pure pastes, creams and pesto sauces.




    Serving size 100g

    Fat 45.4 g

    of which saturated 5.6 g

    Carbohydrates 17.2 g

    Sugars 7.7 g

    10.3 g fiber

    Protein 20.3 g

    Salt 0.00 g

    Phosphorus 490 mg (70 % RNV)

    Copper 1.300 mg (130 % RNV)

    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) 0.870 mg (79 % RNV)

    Vitamin B6 1.700 mg (121 % RNV)

    Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference 

    The data reported have no MEDICAL/PRESCRIPTIVE value.

    The information above is only for informative purposes and they are not intended to replace medical advice.If there are special circumstances or pathologies you should consult your doctor.

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    Sicily, and particularly the city of Sicily, has a great tradition in the production of food and wine, especially as regards local bakery. Typical pistachio products provide a wealth for the Italian territory, which has a value of affirmation and attraction from foreign countries.
    The value of the local confectionery of pistachio and of typical foods and wine, have always been the center of attention for the chefs of the Italian cuisine and for those housewives who love the creations of this kind of unique dishes.
    The pistachio is a mixture of gastronomic and cultural tastes and flavors to be discovered.

    DOSicily.com with its traditions that represent the company, presents an exclusive range of products, such as pistachio cream, the famous pistachio pesto sauce, pistachio pastes and cakes.

  • Christmas pistachio...

    The Christmas sweets are traditionally associated with Christmas festivities.

    DOSicily.com’s sweets are essential to create that “magic and charming” air!
    Thanks to “panettone”, biscuits, nougats, crunchy, chocolate pralines and many other small (and large) pistachio delicacies, you will feel more kind, your house will smell of Christmas and the sweetness will be around you!
    Find out now with us what are the best Christmas cakes to buy on our site and offer your guests.

  • Easter pistachio sweets

    Easter desserts mainly refer to the Christian tradition: the dove is indeed an animal that recurs frequently in the scriptures.
    From the Noah's Ark to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, according to the Christian, the dove is the representation of the Holy Spirit, salvation and hope.
    The dove is universally accepted as the true symbol of peace and prosperity.
    DOSicily.com selected the best pistachios for a unique preparation of the Easter pistachios desserts.
    The dove and Ester desserts like pistachio chocolate eggs are typical desserts spread throughout Italy and beyond.
    For years now, the Italian traditions and especially those widespread in Sicily have become popular worldwide.


    The semi-finished products for ice cream parlors, pastry shops and restaurants from DOSicily.com represent one of our Italian excellence that the pastry and ice cream makers use to create fine pastries and delicious ice creams: we are talking of pistachio.
    Irresistible protagonists of many preparations, from the most sophisticated as the creamy pistachio ice cream or cannoli filled with sweet green pistachio cream, to the very simple example like the plum.
    How can we forget the absolute protagonist "the famous pistachio pesto sauce" used by the best cooks and chefs in the world?
    Pesto sauce has delighted their palate and that of their customers, with the true taste and decided characteristic of our Sicilian tradition of Bronte.

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    Most of us, in our school days, were told to munch on a handful of soaked almonds to improve our memory or eat a few dates for breakfast.

    Mothers and grandmothers would religiously soak, grind and blend a combination of dry fruits to be added to milk and fed to toddlers.

    These would be based on recipes passed on to them through generations for achieving weight gain and immunity for young children.

    Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, dates, raisins etc. are traditionally known to be a powerhouse of nutrients.

    However, they should not be confused with the candied fruits that are less fruit and more of a sugar bomb.

    Here is a list commonly available and super-nutritious dry fruits that should be consumed every day for all the health benefits that they possess.

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