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  • Chopped Sicilian Pistachios

    Chopped Sicilian Pistachios

    Pistachios grain is a product used to make great appetizers with fresh cheese, pasta and risotto, in the pastry or in ice cream making art to put as decoration on a creamy pistachio ice cream.


  • Nougat pistachio Sicily

    Nougat pistachio Sicily

    The nougat is a typical Christmas sweet, and you can find it in many different ways: hard, soft, very hard, with chocolate, etc...
    The one that presents is a real delight for greedies.


  • Unshelled Sicilian pistachio of quality

    Unshelled Sicilian pistachio of quality

    The unshelled Pistachio is different from similar products on the market, above all because of its emerald green color and its size superior the average of pistachios from the rest of the world.


Pistachio chestnut chocolate opera style cake Recipe type: OtherNumber of serving: 4 servingsPreparation: 15 minCook time:20 minReady in:35 minDifficulty:Easy


Saffron almond pistachio cupcakes Ingredients:All purpose flour: 1 cupSugar: 1/2 cupBaking Powder: 1tspBaking Soda: 1/2 tspOrange zest : 1 tspEggs: 2Butter: 1/4 cup or MargarineMilk: 1/2 cupSaffron: 1 tsp, dissolved in milk and few strands for garnishing


Raw cranberry and pistachio white chocolate fudge Ingredients: White chocolate Fudge1 cup raw cashews (soaked 3 hours)60 g raw cacao butter (chopped)100 ml maple syrup (light agave, coconut syrup or raw honey)75 ml coconut oil½ tsp vanilla powder½ cup cranberries½ cup shelled pistachios (halved)½ cup shredded dried coconut1/3 cup sultanas (or raisins)


Break fast smoothie with hemp and sicilian pistachio cookies Ingredients: BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE WITH HEMP:Ingredients:any fruit ( I used 1 altafou mango)any berries (I used 6 big straw berries)any milk or yogurt or juice (I used 1.5 cup regular milk)2 tbsp hulled hemp seeds( Increase the amount if using juice)4 green cardamoms ( shells discarded)Honey (optional) Ingredients for Sicilian Pistachio cookies:


Chocolate chip cookies with cranberry & pistachios Ingredients: - Plain flour 255 g- Salt 5 g- Baking soda 5 g- Unsalted butter 150 g- Brown sugar 100 g - Sugar 55 g- Corn syrup 3 1/4 tbsp- Milk 2tbsp- Vanilla essense 3/4 tbsp- Bittersweet chocolate chips 200 g- Pistachio nuts 100 g- Dried cranberries 85 g


Almond-pistachio cardamom n' saffron cookies Ingredients: - 1/2 cup almond milk powder- 1/2 cup plain flour- 1/2 tsp baking soda- Handful of chopped pistachios- 1 tbsp butter/oil- 1-2 tbsp water to bind


Sauteed brussels sprouts with lemon and pistachios Ingredients: - 5 slices of bacon, chopped- 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil- 1 tablespoon minced shallot- 1 1/2 pounds of brussels sprouts, leaves separated from cores, cores discarded- 3/4 cup shelled unsalted natural pistachios- 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


Fig & rosewater ice-cream with crushed pistachios & dark chocolate Ingredients: - 4 egg yolks- 125 g sugar- 300 ml low fat milk- 200 ml liquid cream- Figs (peeled)- 2 table spoons rose water- Crushed pistachios- Dark chocolate chips (70%)


Makar sankaranti- date and pistachio toffee Ingredients: - 150 g stoneless dates- 1 tablespoon unsalted pistachio kernels (chopped)- 1 tablespoon dry coconut powder


Bittersweet chocolate & pistachio biscotti Ingredients: - 1 cup nuts- 2 and 2/3 cups All-Purpose flour - 1/2 cup Dutch processed cocoa powder- 1 Tbsp baking powder- 1/2 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature- 3/4 cup granulated sugar- 1 tsp coarse salt - 3 large eggs, at room temperature


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