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Prodotti al Pistacchio di Bronte

Pistachio products sale

  • Unshelled Sicilian pistachio of quality

    Unshelled Sicilian pistachio of quality

    The unshelled Pistachio is different from similar products on the market, above all because of its emerald green color and its size superior the average of pistachios from the rest of the world.


  • Pistachios naturally grinded

    Pistachios naturally grinded

    Our pistachios naturally grinded, unlike the pistachios grain, is a product that is finely chopped in order to obtain a pistachio flour


  • Chopped Sicilian Pistachios

    Chopped Sicilian Pistachios

    Pistachios grain is a product used to make great appetizers with fresh cheese, pasta and risotto, in the pastry or in ice cream making art to put as decoration on a creamy pistachio ice cream.



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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 00:00

Tagliolini nests with salmon and pistachio nut from Bronte pesto

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Tagliolini nests with salmon and pistachio nut pesto

600 grams of Salmon, fresh Norwegian

300 grams of Pasta, fresh tagliolini
100 grams of Pistachio nuts
50 grams of Cheese, grated

1 Garlic
1 pinch of Poppy seed
1 teaspoon of Extra virgin olive oil (EVO)
1 dash of Table salt
1 dash of Black pepper

Blend the pistachio nuts with ½ clove of garlic, cheese, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Cook the norwegian salmon with a handful of poppy seeds for a few minutes.

Boil the tagliolini, then drain and garnish with the salmon and pistachio nut pesto.


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